Super-charge your web traffic

Get the word out on your business to increase your web traffic and sales

You’ve got the name and the awesome website all you need now is for people to see it. This is where our social media marketing services can play a vital role in the success of your website and ultimately to grow your business.

Our social media team will discuss different marketing strategies with you to determine the perfect way to supercharge your website traffic We will handle all the social media activity for you including posting new articles or tweets to ensure that your Google, Twitter or Facebook ads are performing as they should and if need be make some adjustments to find the correct target group for your ads.

Our social media service includes a weekly analytics report which will show your exactly how well your website or marketing campaigns are doing. Let us get the word out on your new website! Get in contact with us to find out how we can super-charge your website traffic and brand exposure

Drive sales and specials

Advertise your business and specials across all the social media sites to get loads of new customers. We can help you set up regular posts on all the major social media sites as well as google ads to make everyone aware of your latest sales and specials.

Keeping relevant is a key factor to being found online, we will help you to keep an up-to-date online presence. We have a variety of packages to suit your unique marketing strategy and budget to help you get noticed while growing your business.

Our website design team can help you optimize your website to ensure your website keywords match up to your social media campaigns and all the necessary SEO optimization has been done.


With our analytics services, you will know exactly how your ads and social media campaigns are performing. We will keep you updated with regular reports regarding each of your active campaigns and make suggestions where needed to generate more traffic or leads.

Our analytics can also be integrated with our website when using our web-design services to ensure you have a complete overview of your online presence.

Knowing when to change your marketing strategy can be made a lot easier with the correct when you have the correct information, this is exactly where our analytics services come in to help you plan for your next marketing campaign.

Growing your business is our business

We offer a range of software development services for your business

Software Development

Taj Software provides the most affordable software development solutions for your business needs

Web Development

We translate your business ideas into stunning web applications to optimize your business productivity.

Social Media Marketing

Get the word out on your business to increase your web traffic and sales.

Penetration Testing

Protecting your business and data from hackers and cyber attacks