We take web development to a new level

Our web development team will create a stunning new web application for your company or new product.

Every web application is created according to your exact specifications and requirements, we will provide you with all the necessary advice to ensure your website development process is seamless. We have gained loads of experience by creating various types of web applications from a quick product landing page to an in-depth e-commerce site.

We love taking new ideas and making them a reality! We will schedule a briefing session with you so you can tell us all about your idea and we will make it happen. All images can either be sourced through stock image providers or our graphic designers can create custom graphics for your website.

Modern responsive designs

All our web applications are designed using the latest in web technology and standards, and we regularly update our skill sets to ensure we can always offer you the latest and greatest in web developments.

When we design your web application, we will ensure that it displays perfectly (responsive) on every device whether it’s a 25inch screen or smartphone, you can be assured it will always look awesome. Every web application is designed according to the best practices to ensure a modern responsive web application.

We take great pride in our work and always put in extra effort to ensure your complete satisfaction with your web development project.

Web Application Hosting

We will securely host your new web application on our state-of-the-art SSD cloud servers. Our cloud server hosting includes a 99% uptime SLA to ensure your new web application is always available 24/7

Included in our web application hosting, are our popular penetration testing services. We ensure all web vulnerabilities are secured to protect your application and data.

All our hosted web applications are protected by a WAF (Web Application Firewall) to ensure only valid traffic is allowed to access your web application.

We will do all the setup for you for your application including the database setup to securely store all your data.

Development Services

We offer a range of software development services for your business

Custom Software Development

Our software development team will design and develop a customized software solution according to your specifications. Custom software development can be used to develop a solution to be used in-house by your employees or a new software product you want to take into the market and sell as a stand-alone or subscription service

Web Development

If you need an online system that can be accessed from anywhere, our web development team will build this for you. Your system will be completely customized according to your requirements and business look and feel, we will also ensure that your online software solution is completely secure.

Software Testing

We provide software testing services for your solution even if they are developed by you in-house, to ensure all possible bugs have been fixed before your software is put into the market. All software development done by Taj includes this service.

API Development

Generally used for third-party integration or to integrate with other in-house systems, we will build you a secure API system to provide you with these integration capabilities.

Software Integration

Need help integrating with a third-party system or external software program, our software development team can assist with this