Overview Company

Pioneering meaningful change through innovative digital services

Taj Technologies is a Digital Technology organization. We endeavor to be amongst the most innovative solution providers in South Africa through the digital empowerment of individuals and organizations.

Our true value lies in our people. Transparency, accountability, trust, and real relationships with our clients – and with each other – have been the cornerstone of our company since its humble beginnings more than a decade ago. We invest in what we do, treating every brand as if it were our own – after all, our client’s success is our reputation.

Complexity is tiring, and technology is complicated. We excel at taking complex problems, distilling them down to their essence, and producing impactful, long-lasting solutions – transforming our clients’ concerns and frustrations into their competitive edge. Whether it’s for our clients, or in the community we serve, we see opportunity everywhere and are driven by an intrinsic desire to bring about positive change through innovation and challenging the status quo.

A Team You Can Trust

When you want to be able to find a solution that makes sense for your business, you need to be able to sleep with the peace of mind that you’ve partnered with a team you can trust. It’s why we take a simple, transparent approach to discussing your options at every stage. With easy-to-follow advice and guidance on the best approach to take, we give you everything you need to decide what’s right for you.

Expertise You Can Rely On

Our expertise covers every area of IT services and ensures you never have to go in search of individual engineers or experts ever again. By bringing everyone together under one roof, we’re able to offer comprehensive coverage and in-depth solutions that make all the difference. Just what you need to hear when you want to know you’ve found a team you can rely on.

Solutions That Grow With Your Business

We focus on building solutions that work today, tomorrow, and for as long as you need them. That means they grow with your business by offering you the choice to easily scale up or down when you need to. Ideal if you want to future-proof your infrastructure and systems from day one.

The Flexible Approach to IT Services

In the world of IT, flexibility matters now more than ever. With the needs of your business or organization changing all the time, it’s never been more important to invest in a flexible approach that keeps your options open. With us by your side, you’ll always be able to make it happen.

Taj Technologies is a truly amazing place to work and our reputation as a global technology solutions business grows every day. What makes us different from a lot of our competition is our access to tech talent. The businesses we talk with are urgently optimizing their digital relevance or looking at a full DX strategy. Today’s challenge has expanded from selecting the right technology to also locking in the expertise to make it happen.

Our approach means we gain a thorough understanding of your vision, values, challenges, and objectives. This builds our relationship with you for the long term and underpins your business success.

Our group, Taj Squared, is the perfect ecosystem to enable this change. TajTech exists in a group that boasts a global technology talent solutions business, Harvey Nash. It is very simple: we bring together established, trusted businesses that deliver world-class tech solutions to delivery teams with access to the best technology talent markets.